Re: xs2pod

On Wed, Nov 01, 2006 at 09:59:01PM -0500, muppet wrote:

On Nov 1, 2006, at 1:17 PM, Max Baker wrote:

I just submitted a patch to the source forge page for a small CLI  
that I wrote -- xs2pod.

Awesome, i'm glad you found the stuff useful.  In terms of getting  
better output, you can override the default output at the expense of  
reimplementing portions of the convenience methods.  What it  
currently does is tuned for Gtk2-Perl and friends, of course.

As for including the tool in Glib...  we have typically been  
reluctant to include in the Gtk2-Perl modules stuff that gets  
installed in $PREFIX/bin.  This is mostly because of namespaces.  We  
have good namespace control over library code, but what is the right  
namespace for utility programs?  Should this be called xs2pod or glib- 
xs2pod or gtk2-perl-xs2pod or gsxtopod?  Is it poor manners to  
install programs like that, or is it expected?  (That's why the tool  
to covert XPM files into perl code never made it into the distro, and  
still lives in a miscellany directory in CVS.)

I agree, packages that bloat your bin/ dir are annoying. 
What I foresaw was more something in a contrib/ or t/ directory so that
someone could download the source package, install it and then copy/use
the script manually if they wanted.   

Alternatively, I put the script up on CPAN and you could just point people
towards it.  The downside of this is that people would have to rely on me
to maintain the script, and i'm not very reliable :-)

Ahh crap, I just realized that I had to hack the source code slightly in
order for this script to work on anything except the Gtk2-perl code base.
I'll post up that patch as well.  The hack was to remove a check to load
the package before documenting it.  In the case of Gaim, the module will
only load when gaim is running.

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