Re: Space Bar Issue

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-- Patrick Hi Patrick, Thanks for your answer. It helped me in a round about way. The "set_focus_chain" did not work for me. But that exposed me to "set_focus_child". Actually, the following did not work for me at all: $window->get_focus_chain; $window->set_focus_chain; $label->grab_focus; $button->grab_focus; $entry->grab_focus; $widget->has_focus; $window->set_focus($widget); Sooo much trouble with setting the focus on a widget. However, I did find one technique that 'almost' works. That is: $window->set_focus_child($widget); It still does not (on it's own) make the widget have the focus. But after the screen loads, if I press the 'TAB' key, I see the dotted rectangle appear, and now the widget has the focus. That is a step in the right direction, but it still doesn't solve the problem. Anyhow... thanks for your response. Pete

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