Re: Space Bar Issue

Le samedi 20 mai 2006 Ã 18:26 -0700, developer a Ãcrit :
Thanks for all of your collective help.

I believe I understand what all of you are
saying. I was not setting which widget got
focus when the screen was displayed, but I
am having trouble with that.

I have a fullscreen window. I have loaded
a perl package into this window. This perl
package covers all of the screen real estate
and populates the top 1/4 of the window with
buttons using a Gtk2::Fixed widget to set
them in place.  The bottom 3/4 of the 
window is blank because I didn't place 
any widgets there using the "fixed" widget.
All 18 of the buttons in the top 1/4 of
the window remain static.(i.e, always displayed).

It is the bottom 3/4 of the window where I
swap perl packages in and out to change
the purpose of the screen, each screen being
a perl package put in place using the
"fixed" widget mentioned earlier. I have
120 of these I am working with. When
I load in one of these packages,
I use (e.g., $button->grab_focus; or I use
$label->grab_focus; or $entry->grab_focus
but they do not have the focus, for when I
press the spacebar, my "CANCEL" button is
activated and the previous package is loaded.
My "CANCEL" button is the last widget on
the screen in each package.

I'm either using this technique wrong, or
I am experiencing a bug of some sort.

see also
(sorry for that long line)


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