Re: signal_connect doesn't work on win32 gtk/perl

wout clymans wrote:
muppet wrote:

wout clymans wrote:

the error message:
Can't locate object method "signal_connect" via package "Gtk2::Button"
at line 10

This sounds very similar to a bug caused by changes to GLib recently, and
resolved in the last stable series.  What versions of glib, gtk+, Glib, and
Gtk2 are you using

I am using gtk2-runtime-2.8.17
perl version 5.8.6

and then i installed glib and gtk2 like this:
ppm install
ppm install

Those both say 1.100.  (Load the ppd in your web browser as text, it lists the
filename of the archive, which has the version number in it.)

glib / gtk+ introduced GInitiallyUnowned to the hierarchy of GtkObject in gtk+
2.8, which broke the perl bindings.  We fixed that with Glib/Gtk2 1.120.

Looks like we need new win32 binaries.  Anyone?

Until you can get an upgrade, a workaround is to add something like this to

   push @Gtk2::Object::ISA, 'Glib::Object';

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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