Small issue with Gtk2::GladeXML and glade-3 ... text markup not working

I've stumbled across a small bug somewhere between Gtk2::GladeXML and glade-3.

When I try to use markup in a label ( eg to make the text bold ), I get the expected results both in the glade-3 builder, and in the glade-2 builder, but when I use Gtk2::GladeXML to construct a window based on a glade-3 xml file, the markup is not being used. I've attached a very small example, including a glade-2 project and a glade-3 project, and a script to create windows from each. On mine, the glade-3-generated window's label's text is not bold. But on the other hand, I don't see the text markup in the label either. Strange ...

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