Re: Filechooser in MS Windows style

On Mar 22, 2006, at 3:27 AM, Mario Ospelt wrote:

The application I'm writing is only used on MS Windows. Therefore there's the desire to give it a MS Windows look. Is it possible to get the filechooser in the typical Windows style (and not the standard gnome style)?

That doesn't work with gtk+ alone. There are a couple of perl module that wrap the Win32 API in such a way that you can call GetOpenFileName() to bring up the native win32 file selector; Win32::GUI, for example.

I have no idea how this module interacts with Gtk2, no idea how to use it, and no idea how widely available it is (aside from its presence on CPAN). If you use it, you'll have to do a platform- specific branch in your code.

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