Re: Glib::Object::Subclass bug? or Misunderstanding?

On Mon, 20 Mar 2006 22:18:30 -0500
James Muir <hemlock vtlink net> wrote:

fails, though I wouldn't have expected it to do so. If I uncomment 
the GET_PROPERTY in the example below all is well, but I would have 
expected the example below to work without it.

I'm using libgnomecanvas 2.10.2 and Gtk+2 2.8.11

Thanks for any help you can offer on this matter. Jaap Karssenberg 
has reported problems to me with the software I sent him after he 
upgraded his machine. So it's not just me that's having troubles 
after an upgrade. I'm trying to understand what's going wrong so I 
can fix this problem.

What upgrade was it? Was glib-2.0 upgraded without rebuilding Glib? 
There was a rash of "bugs" recently related to botched upgrades...

< 2 cents>
This rings a bell for me. 
I recently was confused why I needed to use
SET_PROPERTY in some of the custom_cell_renderers after I upgraded
my Perl version to 5.8.8. 

Then it was pointed out to me, by Daniel Kasak, 
that you need the latest Gtk-Perl module ( Gtk-1.116 )  for the sub-classing 
properties to work right in Perl-5.8.8

So if your Perl is 5.8.8 , try Gtk-Perl module ( Gtk-1.116 ) or later.
</2 cents>

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