[OT] Perl question

Sorry for this OT question, but I know the folks here are quite capable
of answering this - as well or more so on a specific Perl list.

Anyway, I'm contemplating playing around with building some Perl modules
- with MakeMaker.  It would be nice to install them rather than
constantly invoking "use lib" once I get them "halfway decent".  Of
course, no doubt, I would be doing a lot of "fixing" and
re-installing.  Is there any danger of mucking up my system by doing
so?  If you replace a module, is it advisable/necessary to uninstall
the old version first?  Does "make uninstall" remove everything
cleanly?  I am aware of .packlist and wonder if it will be cleaned up

These may be some unnecessary questions, but thought I'd ask before
jumping in and perhaps messing things up badly.

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