Re: SimpleList interline padding and background

Dirk Koopman wrote:

Currently (probably because of the fonts I am using) I have an
inordinate amount of padding between each line of a SimpleList. How can
I change this?

I'm not sure what you're referring to here. Do you mean the vertical
spacing? Maybe a screenshot?
You can set the horizontal size of columns by getting hold of each
column, and doing:

$column->set_fixed_width( $column_width ); # where $column_widget is the
width you want

Also, it would be quite nice to something "pretty" like change the
background colour of a line, from white to light blue, every other line.
How can I do this?
$simplelist->set_rules_hint( TRUE );

You can't set the colour via this method, but it's mostly what you want.
Otherwise you have to set up a custom render function, via:
$treeview_column->set_cell_data_func ... and you have to do it on each
column in the list.

I'm not sure whether you can do this with a simplelist or not - you
probably can.

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