Re: cairo documentation

Torsten Schoenfeld wrote:
I am interested in exploring the issues having to do with creating a canvas using the perl bindings to Cairo, in particular with the Xlib surface. Does anybody know of other useful documentation?

I'm not sure what you want to do.  If you want to create a new canvas on
top of cairo, maybe it's better to join one of the existing efforts?
Some of them are listed on the bottom of

If you want access to the xlib glue inside cairo, then the Perl bindings
will not be of much help.  Those bits are not wrapped since there seems
to be no way to make use of them in Perl.

My goal is to write a bridge or adapter for Gtk2::Ex::MindMapView so that I can use code other than Gnome2::Canvas since libgnomecanvas has been deprecated. From what I can tell there is no ready-made solution in perl yet. Is this correct? Does the Gtk2-perl team have plans to replace Gnome2::Canvas with another canvas?

As I see it, I am left to either:

a) Write my own canvas in perl (possibly using Cairo or OpenGL).

b) Write perl bindings to goocanvas or criawips or some other C canvas.

c) As Torsten pointed out, contribute to the existing efforts.

d) Wait and see what happens.

At the moment I'm unclear as to which approach to take as I'm relatively new to Gtk and don't know xs. I'm trying to understand the degree of difficulty of the various approaches and what it might make sense for me to do.

Any opinions on what direction to take with this difficult problem are appreciated.

In the mean time I will take a closer look at the existing efforts.

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