Re: Odd bug with TreeView column size

Kenneth Swanson wrote:

Hey all.  I've been seeing a strange little bug that I'm not sure how to
debug, so I hoped some people on the list could help me out.

I'm attaching sample code, but the basic issue is this:  the app has a
button that fills a ListStore with data.  For certain sets of data--I'm
not sure of the exact requirements, but the one provided does it for
me--the TreeView will expand horizontally to handle the increased size
necessary for the data, but some of the columns won't be filled
correctly-at first.  In this case, the 'Result' column, which should
hold 'failed' for the visible lines, instead holds a snippet of the text
in the 'Date Scheduled'.  However, this fixes itself if you mouse-over
each row, or if you put the window behind another and then bring it to
the front.  After that, it doesn't seem to be a problem for the
remainder of the program.

I saw this bug with earlier versions of gtk. I still have some systems
with gtk+-2.6.9 ( some stubborn Windows systems ) that behave like this.
I'm pretty sure that it was fixed around gtk+-2.6.11, as my less
stubborn Windows systems don't have this problem.

On my desktop ( running gtk+-2.8.20 ) runs your script with no rendering

Also, a small plug for my own gtk2-perl projects: check out
Gtk2::Ex::DBI and Gtk2::Ex::Datasheet::DBI at if you have to make data
entry / display forms for data in a database ... which it looks like
you're doing by the looks of the script you posted.

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