RE: Widget Alignment

You've packed everything with "expand" and "fill" true, which means that
available space is divided up among the widgets whether they need it or

For the "Device" and "Paper Size" labels, their internal alignment is
centered, so the excess space is spread on either side, resulting in the
edges not aligning.

Thanks, yes I understand that better now.

The problem with the radiobuttons is essentially the same.

Limiting myself to packing options, I still can't get the radiobuttons to line up.

*  Explicitly set the internal alignment of the labels for left, like
"$labeld->set_alignment(0.0, 0.5)".  This doesn't change the amount of
leftover space, so you may want also to pack the labels with expand and
false, but the comboboxes with expand and fill true.

I assume that this is dangerous, because although it might look OK, for instance, in Ubuntu, it might be 
different in Fedora Core. Or don't styles/themes affect things?

*  Use SizeGroups to ensure things line up.

Would you point me at the documentation for this, please.

*  Use a Table instead of VBox of HBoxes.

I will have a go at this, too.

Thanks for the help.


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