Re: GStreamer Interface PropertyProbe

On Fri, 2005-09-16 at 16:39 +0200, Matthias Bläsing wrote:

So that the user doesn't have to guess the right string to put there I
would like to scan for available devices. As far as I understand the
GStreamer Docs for these situations the PropertyProbe interface was

BUT: There is no good docu how to use the interface AND looking through
the source of GStreamer Perl - so I doubt that the interfaces are

So are they? And are there examples out there how to use them?

No, the GstPropertyProbe interface is not wrapped by the GStreamer
module.  Actually, it will never be since the interface doesn't live
directly, in the GStreamer library, but in the GStreamer Interfaces
library.  The GStreamer module can't depend on anything but the core
GStreamer library.

That said, your mail prompted me to look into wrapping some interfaces
in the GStreamer Interface library in a separate module (similar to
GStreamer::GConf).  Right now, I'm stuck with some weird failure, but
I'll continue to work on this.


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