GStreamer Interface PropertyProbe


when thinking about a Bluetooth headset and it's possibilities I
realised, that it would be registered as an aditional Soundcard on my
System. So I would only need to tweak the device property of the
alsasink and I could play audio to it.

That would be also very handy for USB-Soundcards etc. 

So that the user doesn't have to guess the right string to put there I
would like to scan for available devices. As far as I understand the
GStreamer Docs for these situations the PropertyProbe interface was

BUT: There is no good docu how to use the interface AND looking through
the source of GStreamer Perl - so I doubt that the interfaces are

So are they? And are there examples out there how to use them?



PS: GStreamer Binding V: 0.04
    libgstreamer      V: 0.8.11
Matthias Bläsing
ICQ: 84617206   AIM: linuxfun81   MSN: linuxfun hotmail com

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