Re: Scrolling to the row in TreeView when selected?

muppet <scott <at>> writes:

On Sep 13, 2005, at 1:19 AM, Yu Wang wrote:

However, if the number of entries is large and the found entry is  
in a row not
displayed in current ScrolledWindow, i.e could be very buttom or  
very top, the
window cannot scroll to this entry automatically, once this entry  
is selected.

Any one has any ideas?

$treeview->scroll_to_cell ($path, $column=undef, $use_align=FALSE,  
$row_align=0.0, $col_align=0.0); 

For a fully-automatic "always make the selected item visible"  
behavior, you can connect to the tree's selection's "changed" signal  
and scroll to the selected path, like this:

$treeview->get_selection->signal_connect (changed => sub {
     my ($selection) =  <at> _;
     my ($model, $iter) = $selection->get_selected;
     if ($iter) {
         $selection->get_tree_view->scroll_to_cell ($model->get_path  

I tried your code, it gives me:

Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_tree_selection_get_selected: assertion `selection->type !=
GTK_SELECTION_MULTIPLE' failed at /home/wangy22/trunk/destcnltr line 670.

I modified it and it works again:

    $treeview->get_selection->signal_connect (changed => sub {
        my ($selection) = @_;
        my $path = $selection->get_selected_rows;
        $selection->get_tree_view->scroll_to_cell ($path) if ($path);

Any comments?



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