Re: Way to remove a GConf dir ?

        Hello again,

Alexandre Jousset a écrit :
I tried anyway to use the remove_dir from GConf::Engine but I get a message in the terminal saying "Échec: L'opération de suppression de répertoire n'est plus supportée, enlevez juste toutes les valeurs dans le répertoire" -> "Error: the directory delete operation is no more supported, just remove all values from the directory"... But I don't know and I don't find any way to do that... And as you say, unset don't remove them totally... I checked the C API, the GConf mailing list archives and googled but I find nothing... Any clue ? I tried $client->remove, $client->remove_key, $client->delete and $client->delete_key but none are recognized...

It's weird... I asked this question on the #gnome irc channel and they told me that it was in fact "unset"... I tried it yesterday and it was not working... I tried it again today and now it works ! Maybe I've done something wrong yesterday, I don't know... And I did not upgrade my machine in between...

Anyway, that's great, it works ;-) So if anybody wants to know, to delete a dir you just have to $client->unset() all keys in it...

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