Re: Placement of popup ( CellRendererDate from examples )

On Sep 5, 2005, at 7:31 PM, Daniel Kasak wrote:

How would I go about modifying this to detect whether the calculated y position puts part of the calendar off-screen?

Simply calculate whether $y_origin + $cell_area->y + $cell_area- >height + $popup->allocation->height is greater than the available screen height. (You imply this below, so i suspect you already knew that.) If it is, then place the popup above the cell instead of below it.

I know ( or I think I know anyway ... I haven't tried it yet ) I can do $popup->allocation to get the size of the popup.

There's also get_size_request(), which will ask the widget to calculate the size it wants (which propagates to children); you can use this before the widget is onscreen to avoid flicker.

But how do I get the screen size?

# since gtk+ 2.2:
$screen = $widget->get_screen;
$width = $screen->get_width;
$height = $screen->get_height;

# for gtk+ 2.0.x, there were Gtk2::Gdk->get_screen_(width|height), but they don't play nicely with multihead stuff.

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