Placement of popup ( CellRendererDate from examples )


I'm using some code from the example folder to provide a CellRendererDate in a treeview. I've had some complaints that the calendar goes off-screen if the cell being edited is too far down the screen.

The code that positions the popup is ( from the example script ):

# Align the top right edge of the popup with the the bottom right edge of the
 # cell.
 my ($x_origin, $y_origin) =  $view -> get_bin_window() -> get_origin();

 $popup -> move(
$x_origin + $cell_area -> x() + $cell_area -> width() - $popup -> allocation() -> width(),
   $y_origin + $cell_area -> y() + $cell_area -> height()

How would I go about modifying this to detect whether the calculated y position puts part of the calendar off-screen?

I know ( or I think I know anyway ... I haven't tried it yet ) I can do $popup->allocation to get the size of the popup. But how do I get the screen size?

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