Re: Patch for Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs (for win32)

On Sun, 2005-02-10 at 20:02 -0500, ofey aikon wrote:
On 9/28/05, Kevin C. Krinke <kckrinke opendoorsoftware com> wrote:
If you can find the time to create a patch that bumps the version,
removes the Gnome2::VFS stuff and uses File::Type instead I would be
very pleased.

I am attaching two patches.

patch1 removes Gnome2::VFS dependency and uses File::Type instead.
Works for me on win32.

patch2 fixes another bug related to abs_path. The currently
throws a non-fatal error related to relative path of filename. This
patch should take care of that.

I can commit these if no one has objections.

Looks just fine to me!

Please commit if no one objects.


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