Re: any Perl bindings for gtk+extra?

On May 19, 2005, at 12:34 PM, zentara wrote:

The last time I asked about a binding here, I lucked out, so I'm asking again. :-)

Is there any Perl bindings to the GtkExtra Widget Set

Now that gtkextra-2.0 has been officially released, i played with it for a while to see how well it works and how easily bindable it is. The API is large and looks like a minimal port from gtk+ 1.x. The C examples work, but are a lot of code and will take a lot of time to port from C to perl. I use the examples as a form of combined acid test / use case / demo, so it's not really working until those work. I have bindings for about 90% of the API; the rest will require boxed wrappers and structure wrappers and other bits of hand-coded fiddling.

I have one test ported, and it currently segfaults really well.

Thanks. I wish I was smart enough to do it myself.

Smart has nothing to do with it -- it's just grunt work, and fun-to-solve problems like "where can i store the callback object pointer, since their API doesn't give me a spot for it?" If you'd like, i can send you what i have and you can finish it off. :-)

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