Gtk2-Ex-Graph-GD-0.03 is now available

Gtk2::Ex::Graph::GD is a thin wrapper around the good-looking
GD::Graph module. Wrapping using Gtk2 allows the GD::Graph object to
respond to events such as mouse movements.

This allows functionalities such as mouse-over-tooltip and right-click
menus on the Graph.

Changes in 0.03
 - Added mouse-over tooltip for 'lines' and 'linespoints' graphs
 - Added 'linespoints' to right-click menu
 - Added 'cumulate' to right-click menu. (Works correctly only for bar charts)
 - Fixed an annoying tooltip bug related to closures.

You can pick up this release from
(in a few hours when cpan indexing is done).

Code is also available in sourceforge at



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