Gtk2::Ex::Datasheet::DBI-0.2 is out

I've just finished the 2nd version of Gtk2::Ex::Datasheet::DBI.
Download from

Changes in this release:

    Ported to Gtk2::ListStore / Gtk2::TreeView
        ( only supports text cell renderers currently )
    Renamed sql_fields to sql_select and changes requirement back to and
SQL select statement
    Don't use the '!' special character for inserts - instead use record
status indicator ( column 0 )
    All SQL operations occur in the 'apply' method as a batch
    Added constants for status indicators
    Added pixbuf column to display record status
    Added field validation plugin functionality
    Added intelligent detection of record status - don't consider
non-changing 'row-changed' events a 'change'
    Added ReadOnly flag: prevents edits, inserts and deletes if set
    Put some actual data into the sql dump in the example application
    Cleaned up error dialogs and added more of them
    Removed all ComboBox stuff from example app for now

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