Re: Different graphing options

ofey aikon wrote:

I want to do some pretty graphs in Gtk2 using my dataset. I guess my
options are the following.

1. Wrap gnuplot.
- Rich in functionality. May be too heavy to wrap. Don't know how
well it works on win32.

2. Use gtkplot in the gtkextra+ project.
- No perl bindings AFAIK.

3. Stream an image using GD::Graph.
- Works on win32 too. 

I like option 3 because I think its pretty easy to achieve. Any
thoughts / experiences on how others in here may have solved the
problem ?


Out of the above 3 options, I'd go for GD::Graph for the same reason as
you: win32 support.

I've done all my graphing with jpgraph, which is a php graphing library.
It's incredibly nice. I don't want to discourage you from writing
something in Perl, but before reinventing the wheel you should take a
look. Of course it's not a very 'clean' solution to be calling external
php programs from inside Perl, but if you want it to 'just work' with a
minimum of fuss and maximum features, this is the way to go. At least
that's been my thoughts so far. Just dump your data into a *something* (
I'd use a mysql table with a unique name ) and then point jpgraph to the
table / source / whatever.

But on the other hand, it would be *sweet* to have a nice graphing
library in Perl.

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