Re: Gnome2::About

The Saltydog said:
doesn't change anything in the behaviour of the window. Main window
remains clickable and works normally with the Gnome2::About above it.

A little sandboxing shows that this (transient child behavior) happens without
application code intervention.

I have tried with $ga->set_modal(TRUE) and this works for this first
about window (it is really modal in respect to the main window) but
the oddity is that if you open the second dialog by clicking on the
"Acknowledgments" button, the second dialog's Close button doesn'ìt
work anymore.

It sounds like this is happening:  about dialog is made transient child of
main window.  app code makes about dialog modal, so it is the only one that
accepts events (at the x server).  about dialog creates a new transient child,
but does not know that it needs to make the child modal, so the about dialog
is still the only one getting any events.

From what i can tell, Gnome doesn't want About dialogs to be modal.  :-/

Also, Gnome2::About has been replaced, as of gtk+ 2.6, by Gtk2::AboutDialog. 
I don't have gtk+ 2.6 on this desktop, so i can't really tell you if it
exhibits the same behavior.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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