Re: Displaying simple HTML and pod

On 7/30/05, A. Pagaltzis <pagaltzis gmx de> wrote:
* Gábor Szabó <szabgab gmail com> [2005-07-30 10:10]:
Is there a widget out there that can display (simple) HTML

Gtk2::Html2, Gtk2::MozEmbed.

thanks for the reply.

I could not find Gtk2::Html2 on CPAN, I see v0.04 is on Sourceforge.
Is there any plan to release it on CPAN? I'd really prefer my user to
only and not to rely on any manual method of installation.

I found Gtk2::MozEmbed but it has lots of requirements that seem to be hard
to satisfy: it wants Mozilla::DOM    that wants mozilla-xpcom which I
could not install with yum on FC3 :-( still trying.


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