Testing GTK application

Earlier I asked already about the Testing module of GTK, thanks for that reply.

I am looking for something else now.

One of my jobs is to test applications on Windows. 
For standard MS based applications Win32::GuiTest works quite well in
being able to
fetch the menu list, select a menu item, move the mouse, click on
buttons by their name,
fill in text fields and even check what's written in them.

Recently I had to solve the same issue with an application written in
C++ using Qt but
so far I had no luck. I'll bring that up on some Qt list later on but
for now I would like
to see if this can be solved for application written in GTK.

The truth is that I have not tried this yet on Windows, so it might
turn out to be straight forward. Windows might expose all the
ineternals of the GTK app. But I doubt it.

So I would like to get you opinion. If I have an application written
in some arbitrary language e.g. C++ using GTK+ how would you test that
application ?

Of course the same question stands on Linux/Unix as well.


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