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On Jul 18, 2005, at 2:10 AM, Beast wrote:

A. Pagaltzis wrote:

* Beast <beast i6x org> [2005-07-18 07:15]:

What is the correct signal when user click (not double clicked)
one row in TreeView or SimpleList?

Uhm, the docs for TreeView list a “row-activated.” Didn’t you
find that? Doesn’t that do what you want?

It only works when row is _double clicked_, what I want is when user just clicked the row.

Actually, it is fired when the row is "activated", which is gtk+ lingo for "the user double-clicked with the mouse or hit 'enter' while keyboard focus was in the widget".

"cursor-changed" tells you that the keyboard focus cursor has moved from one cell to another, including a new column in the same row. There's also the situation that "special" cells don't cause the signal to fire (according to the gtk+ source).

The "changed" event on the TreeView's selection tells you that the selection has changed. If your tree is in single-selection mode, this is most likely what you want.

If you need something more specific than that, e.g. to pop up a context menu, then you'll be working with button-press-event directly. Hint: use signal_connect_after() for button-press-event on TreeView or strange things tend to happen.

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