embedded perl/Gtk dialog

I've got an app that uses Perl as the embedded scripting environment.
I'm trying to write some scripts that pop up a dialog to query the user
for some simple things, and I'm running into problems.

I have a wrapper class which manages widget creation via glade and I'm
using Gtk2::GladeXML to load and run the dialog.  The wrapper class also
manages lifetime and destroys the dialog at appropriate times.

a) the first time I run the dialog, it pops up over my app.  The second
and subsequent times, it stays under the app, and the little panel icon
button for the dialog window flashes attention.  Why doesn't it popup
over my app anymore?

b) When I hit the cancel button, the dialog stays open.  Well, the
contents won't get refreshed if obscured, but the container window
doesn't go away, even though I destroy() the dialog from a DESTROY sub
in the wrapper class.

Any clues?


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