Re: Gtk2-perl shell (problem with GLib-GObject)

muppet wrote:
have you seen
I had seen gish of course ;-). On my system it uses 99% of the CPU continuously. That is why I decided to use Term::Readline::Gnu. Also I wanted to use history and completion. The gws approach is interesting as well.

The workaround for this would be to use different type names every time. It would be conceivable to have the bindings generate a new C type name for each package, but this is not desirable for several reasons: a) you can't unregister GType types, so the old types would still be there, just waiting to cause problems. b) mapping names names like Some::Package to Some-Package-4162 isn't very friendly, especially when you start getting error messages.
Well I don't want to change the types, just the methods when I reread a package, maybe that can be done somehow.

2) The subclassed widget itself does not work correctly ie. after the first 'do' it loads but does not display correctly. It does display correctly when you load modify 'gish' to load the package at startup.

What do you mean by "does not display correctly"?

What version of Glib are you using? There's a bugfix in 1.060 related to late loading of Glib::Object::Subclass.
1.042. I'll upgrade
Thanks for looking at this.

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