Answer to Muppet's unresolved issue - building a Binary PPM package

I found an old post of yours from 9 Jul 2003.  You wrote about your
experience building Gtk2 on Windows.  I have drawn from this heavily
in building 1.071 binaries for Windows - thanks.  Anyways, you had an
issue with how to make binary packages (PPM) for windows.  It really
is as easy as you pondered.

In your build directory

c:\> tar cvf package.tar blib
c:\>gzip --best package.tar
c:\>nmake ppd

Open the resulting *.ppd file and add the name of the tar.gz file you
created between the double quotes of the portion that reads:


Credit to a post on perlmonks for this:

Save the file.  To install:

c:\>ppm install *.ppd

Works like a charm.  The really nice thing about this method is you
can also uninstall packages if you find you don't like them (or you
break something).

c:\>ppm remove *.ppd

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