another potential Gtk2::Ex addition

Seeing all the new Gtk2::Ex modules got me thinking that something I have been working on might be a nice addition.

Basically I have a widget that looks and works like the calendar part of the Gnome2 clock-applet. The widget pops up a top-level undecorated window adjacent to any other widget. The window can act as a container for just about anything. The module handles the creation, hiding, and positioning of the window. It essentially acts like a drop-down menu, but it is a window instead of a menu.

Currently I am using it to make a weather forecast program. When you click an icon on the gnome-panel, it will pop down a window with a pretty columnar 3 day forecast.

For the name I am thinking of using Gkt2::Ex::DropWindow. Other name idea's would be very welcome. :)

Lee Aylward

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