simplelist speed


I've ported a stock tracking program from gtk1 to gtk2.
The main part of the window has about 200 'markup' cells.

I needed to color the foreground of individual cells
and the background of some rows.  I used pango markup
for the foreground and cell_data_func to  color
the background.

On my 400MHz home machine, I can peg the CPU meter by
moving the pointer over the window.
When I switch to the desk that shows 2 instances of
this program the text takes about 5 seconds to appear.

If I disable the cell data func, its faster but not
by much, maybe 20%.

With Gtk1 Clists, I never saw any delays.

I'm guessing that the root of the pointer moving
problem is that something
is tracking enter and leave events in each cell.
Is that the problem and is there some way to
mask those events?

I'm not sure why the window takes so long to
paint on a desk change.  I can see pretty big 100% CPU
spikes on desk changes.

Dan Espen                           E-mail: dane mk telcordia com

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