ANN: Gtk2::Ex::DBI-0.7

I'm pleased to annouce the 7th release of Gtk2::Ex::DBI ...

Gtk2::Ex::DBI is an open-source helper object that makes your Gtk2-Perl apps data aware. It handles querying, 'painting' records on your Glade-generated form, passing updates back to the database server, inserting, deleting, and much more. Roll your own MS Access.

This release completes support for MS SQL Server ( and almost certainly Sybase ) via DBD::ODBC. Other servers may also work with via DBD::ODBC.

Postgres support is *very* close. I basically need to know how to fetch the sequence of an inserted record via $dbh->last_insert_id ... but I don't use Postgres and the docs are a little obscure on what's needed. Postgres users are encouraged to step up to the plate and complete this small missing link :)


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