Re: Background image for a window

On Feb 10, 2005, at 8:06 PM, Chris Debenham - PTS Engineer wrote:

Hmm, I can set the bg for the widget as well, but I can't rely on a patched module install since this will be used on end-user machines (running different distros, gtk2-perl versions etc).

Normally, i'd say "make them upgrade -- nobody should be using old versions of the bindings, as we support all stable versions of gtk+!" but we've already played our API Freeze Break card, so there's very little chance of that patch making it into 1.080. :-(

Is there any other way?

Maybe. Need more info. What are you trying to make? (Especially intriguing since you say GnomeCanvas is too slow for this purpose...)

One possible solution, if you can use images on disk:

   my $rc_style = Gtk2::RcStyle->new;
   $rc_style->bg_pixmap_name ('normal', 'path/to/image.xpm');
   $widget->modify_style ($rc_style);

Another possible solution: make your own widget. You'll get complete control over the gdk window and can keep gtk+ from blowing away your backing pixmap. Since the $widget->window method currently suffers the same malady as $style->bg_pixmap (that is, bound as an accessor, not as a mutator), this may prove difficult.

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