GStreamer 0.05 and GStreamer::Registry->get_default

There seems to be a problem when calling
GStreamer::Registry->get_default from a sub before playing.
I get "(-e:5450): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_registry_find_feature:
assertion `GST_IS_REGISTRY (registry)' failed"
(or even segfault in my app)

This doesn't happen if  "test();" is replaced by
or "my $reg=GStreamer::Registry->get_default; test();"
in the code below :

use GStreamer;
GStreamer -> init;
sub test {my $reg=GStreamer::Registry->get_default;}
my $pipeline =GStreamer::ElementFactory -> make(playbin => "playbin");
$pipeline-> set(uri => "file://".$ARGV[0]);
$pipeline ->set_state("playing");

And thanks for the bindings.

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