Re: GStreamer 0.05

Thanks for the bindings Torsten, I'm much happier using .10 under perl now. Threading manipulation was causing me serious headaches when I would combine it with POE.

In any case, I'm running into a small problem with querying my current position in the stream. The error message I get is as follows:

( GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_structure_set_valist: assertion `IS_MUTABLE (structure)' failed

and the code tickling this is as follows:

       my $query_time = GStreamer::Query::Position->new('time');
       my $query_percent = GStreamer::Query::Position->new('percent');

if ($playbin->query( $query_time ) and $playbin->query( $query_percent )) {
               my ($time_format, $time) = $query_time->position;
               my ($percent_format, $percent) = $query_percent->position;
               print "Percent: $percent\n";

I know that the print line isn't correct, but the query calls fail so it doesn't really matter yet. Can anyone confirm that either this doesn't work with 0.05, or that it should work and I'm wrecking something along the way?

Thanks a ton,

Jonathan Steinert

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