Re: The "Right Way" (TM) to run external program out of gtk2-perl app?

Am Dienstag 30 August 2005 19:38 schrieb A. Pagaltzis:

[ muppets code ]

Of course it would still be better if muppet could get into the
habit of using three-argument open() with lexical filehandles.


    sub run_convert {
        my @cmd = @_;

        my $main_loop = Glib::MainLoop->new;

        my $pid = open my $child, '-|', @cmd
            or die "can't fork convert: $!";

Just FYI:

On Windows XP (ActiveState / 5.8.0), the usage of @cmd causes a "List form of 
pipe open not implemented" error. Using

my $pid = open my $child, '-|', $cmd
             or die "can't fork convert: $!";

instead works fine, but filenames (containing blanks) must now be quoted.


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