Re: FileChooserDialog issues

zgrim said:
I'm unable to find FileChooserDialog's pod on the docs site.

Looks like the HTML POD was built against 2.2.4; FileChooser and friends were
introduced in gtk+ 2.4.

If you are ever curious as to what version the POD was built against, look at
the AUTHOR section of the Gtk2::enums manpage:

I was
mainly interested in set_current_folder() and set_current_name()

These are FileChooser interface methods, have been implemented since Gtk2
1.040 (committed 17-Jan-04), and are documented in the Gtk2::FileChooser
manpage.  FileChooserDialog's manpage is disappointing, as it only contains
two constructors. ;-)


This is new in gtk+ 2.8, and thus will be available in the forthcoming 1.100. 
Use one of the 1.09x releases if you want to play with it.

So, are those implemented ? I surfed a little
through some xs files, didn't find them, but maybe I wasn't looking

I do it like this:

   grep -n '\<$full_gtk_function_name\>' xs/*.xs

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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