Re: Gtk2-Ex-Datasheet-DBI-0.8 and SQLite

Gábor Szabó wrote:

I am trying to write a small demo using  Gtk2-Ex-Datasheet-DBI-0.8 and SQLite
but it seems SQLite does not know what to do with this call:


therefore I had to hardcode the information about my database into the module.

the sample application is at
including the module with the hard coded columns

Is there a better way to handle this ?

I haven't used SQLite before so I don't know if it supports calling $dbh->column_info or not. The docs for other DBD modules said that they do, so I assumed it was OK to go ahead assuming this behaviour. If you need something working *now*, then have a look at Gtk2-Ex-Datasheet-0.7. Version 0.8 was largely a bugfix release, as well as fixing some behind-the-scenes stuff for later. The only real feature addition was the automatic detection of field types ( and selection of renderers ), so if this is what's tripping you up, then just don't use it - go back to 0.7 for now.

If you can get some word from the SQLite people on any possible ways of fetching a schema via their DBD module, then I'll try to add support. Alternatively, I can disable the field type detection for SQLite if we can't find another way around it.


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