Data Entry issue in a treeview

Hi all.

I've just noticed something annoying about data entry in a treeview.
If I enter something in a cell, the changes aren't accepted until I move the focus to something else inside the treeview.

For example, if I change a cell's contents and then click an 'apply' button outside the treeview without first moving the focus out of the cell I was editing to another cell in the treeview ( or hitting the enter button ), then my code doesn't see the changes, even though the cell 'looks' like it's accepted the changes. This is most apparent with combo box renderers, where it is highly likely the user will use the mouse to select an item and then use the mouse straight after to click the 'apply' button. With text renderers, there is a decent chance the user will hit the 'enter' key after editing a cell, though in cases where they don't, the same problem still exists.

Most likely this has nothing to do with the Perl bindings, and is related to Gtk2. But possibly someone here as a workaround?

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