multiple displays under Win32


I've written a Gtk-Perl app for a client and recently (for various reasons), have had to get it running on a 
Windows XP machine on ActivePerl. The problem is that running multiple displays produces a different result 
for WinXP than it does for Linux on the same hardware (Nvidia FX5200 with 2 screens and Nvidia MX4000 with 
one screen).

A little snippet of code:
foreach my $display (Gtk2::Gdk::DisplayManager->get->list_displays) {
        print "display name [", $display->get_name, "] number of screens [", $display->get_n_screens, "]\n", 

Running on Linux produces two displays, one with two screens and one with a single screen. Under WinXP it's 
just one big screen with the geometry being the maximum width/height of all the screens together. 
Unfortunately for me, my application requires knowledge of the different screen sizes (two are TY-type 
displays). Is this a problem with Gtk-Perl, Gtk+ or just the underlying Win32 API?

Does anyone know of a way to get around this or am I stuck with a nasty hard coding exercise? I've had a look 
through the Gtk list archives and can't seem to find anyone else with a similar problem.

Mike Davis

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