Re: multiple displays under Win32

On Aug 25, 2005, at 4:34 AM, Mike Davis wrote:

Is this a problem with Gtk-Perl, Gtk+ or just the underlying Win32 API?

The bindings are a thin layer over gtk+; they provide code to marshal arguments between C and Perl, map GTypes to packages, and other such things. The bindings provide no additional windowing functionality. In other words, don't look at us! ;-)

Your problem most likely lies in the win32 backend in gdk, which is handled by Tor Lillqvist and company. If you can port your minimal sample to C, and prove that still exhibits the problem, then log a bug against gtk+ at They may tell you merely that Win32 is broken, or how you're misusing the API, or whatever, but at least you'll be hearing from people in the know. :-)

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