Re: Making Glade created ComboBox behave like Gtk2::ComboBox->new_text?

muppet wrote:

Martin Junius said:
Daniel Kasak wrote:

You mean the 'ComboBox' from Gtk-2.2? If so, that's been depreciated for
quite a while. What version of Gtk to do have? If you've got Gtk-2.4 or
higher, you should use a 'ComboBoxEntry'. It allows you to use a
Gtk2::ListStore ( as you're trying to do above ) to store values for
your combo box. I think that's what your problem here is - you're trying
to use an old ComboBox as a ComboBoxEntry.
In my understanding, ComboBoxEntry is just a specialization of ComboBox,
ie a CombBox plus user entry. OptionMenu is deprecated, but ComboBox?

I think he meant GtkCombo, which is the old, deprecated combo box widget.

Oops. Yeah. I just moved my mouse over the widget in the 'depreciated' section of the toolbox in Glade, and the pop-up thingy said "Combo Box".

Sorry about that :)

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