Making Glade created ComboBox behave like Gtk2::ComboBox->new_text?

Dear list,

in my application I'm using empty ComboBox'es created in Glade, which
are later filled with option values from a database. If the Glade file
contains an empty <property name="items" translatable="yes"> </property>
(this happens if you type a space into the "Items" field in Glade), I
can use append_text() to add the option values to the ComboBox. The
ComboBox then seems to behave like one created with

If the items property is missing (default in Glade), this doesn't work
because then the CombBox model isn't initialized.

If I use code similar to

    my $model = new Gtk2::ListStore('Glib::String');
    for ... {
        $model->set($model->append, 0, ...);

this doesn't work either, the cell renderers seem to be messed up. cbox
is the Glade ComboBox widget.

Any ideas? Basically, I want to convert the empty ComboBox to one, where
I can just use append_text().


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