Re: Gtk2::Ex::Simple::Tree

On Aug 12, 2005, at 11:12 AM, Jörn Reder wrote:

Jörn Reder wrote:

After that make test works on a Linux machine with Gtk2 1.061 (libgtk2
2.6.2, libglib2 2.6.3), but not on another which has the more recent
Gtk2 1.082 (libgtk2 2.6.8, libglib2 2.6.5), make test output is

I can't reproduce this. I have at my disposal many, many versions of Gtk2, but only gtk+ 2.0.6, 2.4.14, and 2.7.4 -- no 2.6.

On the other hand, just about every failure listed in your output was a line containing eq_array() from Test::More, and the rest were eq_hash(). There were a couple of versions of Test::More which broke the Gtk2 test suite in very bizarre ways, mostly having to do with the deep comparison functions not handling magic in the same way as before.

Do you get the same results by testing with the "broken" versions of Gtk2, libgtk2, and libglib, but using an older (or newer) version of Test::More?

"the ternary operator makes it a bit less ugly."
    -- kaffee

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