[ANNOUNCE] Gtk2::Ex::DBI-1.2 and Gtk2::Ex::Datasheet::DBI-0.8

I'm pleased to announce the next round of updates to Axis Not Evil, a suit of Perl modules that combine to provide an alternative to a 'leading' software vendor's RAD design tool for database access.

Project Page:

Main changes for this release are that both modules now query the database to get information on fields such as default values, which are used when constructing new records. Gtk2::Ex::Datasheet::DBI extends this by automatically selecting a suitable renderer for each column where one isn't explicitely defined, meaning that you can leave out the renderer type in all cases except combos.

Gtk2::Ex::DBI Changelog for this release:

- Set default values from database field definitions when inserting a new record ( ie onscreen ) - Create a key in our records hash for each field when inserting a new record ( avoids Perl warnings about uninitialised values )
- Removed set_defaults() - incorporated into assemble_new_record()
- Added more eval{} stuff around DB interaction, with Gtk2::Ex::Dialog::ErrorMsg warnings when things fail
- Gtk2::Ex::DBI->new() returns FALSE if initial query fails

Gtk2::Ex::Datasheet::DBI Changelog for this release:

- Refresh dynamic combos when a toggle that they depend on is edited
- Automatically choose a renderer type based on the database field type of each field ( can be overriden ) - Automatically choose a default value for each column based on the database field definition ( can be overriden )
- Removed more Perl warnings re: uninitialised use of ...
- Choose string / numeric comparison based on database field type for combo renderers - Rename 'none' renderer to 'hidden' ( and still support old 'none' renderers ) - Use text renderer for hidden columns ... so we can point dynamic combos at them and catch changes

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