Re: rounded rectangles problem

James Muir said:
I've written a similar program using composition rather than inheritance
and I get a rounded rectangle. I'd use this rectangle except that I am
unable to set the 'fill-color', and I get events only when the mouse is
placed directly on the outline. No signals when the mouse is moved
inside the rounded rectangle. Is this the correct behavior of the
Gnome2::Canvas::Shape ? If so, I shall have to come up with a "plan b".

If you use just a plain Gnome2::Canvas::Rect, you get mouse events inside the
rectangle only if fill-color is set.  The basic trick, then, is to figure out
how to get fill-color set.  Can you post some current code so we know what you
are and aren't doing?

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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