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James Muir wrote:


I'm learning gtk2-perl. I've never written anything using Gnome before
but hope to become quite proficient at writing GUI code for Gnome.
Programming in perl is fun, so I'd prefer to use gtk2-perl rather than
casting my way through c.

Is this a reasonable approach?

Yes. At least that's my opinion anyway. C is for writing stuff that has
to run amazingly fast. I'm happy for people writing graphics card
drivers, wiget toolkits such as gtk+, and other stuff in C. But for
creating applications, a higher level language is the way to go.

I am familiar with java, and maybe that will be more of a help than a
hindrence. I am hoping that someone can refer me to some good
documentation on packing objects. Does anyone know what the gtk
equivalent of a java "grid bag layout" would be? Is it Gtk2::Table?
Looks like it might be, but maybe there is something else that I've

I haven't touched Java, so I don't know what a "grid bag layout" is, but
I would say that Gtk2::Table is what you're after, with the possible
additions of Gtk2::HBox and Gtk2::VBox. Also check out Glade and
Gtk2::GladeXML - they make things even easier.

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