ANNOUNCE: Axis Not Evil 0.2 ( Gtk2::Ex::DBI, Gtk2::Ex::Datasheet::DBI, PDF::ReportWriter )


I'm pleased to announce a round of upgrades to the packages making up Axis Not Evil:

Axis Not Evil is a suit of open-source, cross-platform Perl modules that combine to provide an alternative to a /'leading'/ software vendor's RAD design tool for database access.

Gtk2::Ex::Datasheet::DBI and PDF::ReportWriter have had *major* upgrades, while Gtk2::Ex::DBI has had some minor features added, and been cleaned up.

All 3 modules are available separately, or as a bundle ( version 0.2 ).

Note that there are still issues installing under Windows, as I rely on Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs, which in turn uses Gnome2 ... which isn't available under Windows. If you encounter this problem, edit comment out all the stuff in Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs that refers to Gnome2 - I don't use anything that needs Gnome2, and everything will run fine with only 2 or 3 lines commented out. Email me if you need help / a hacked-up version.



- Ask user if they want to apply changes to current record before requerying ( ie don't simply apply without asking ) - Add $sth->finish commands throughout to make things more SQLServer friendly when using DBD::ODBC with FreeTDS - INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Automatically move to a new position when the record spinner is clicked
- Add missing $self->paint_calculated call at the end of $self->paint
- Added debug key to dump some info to the terminal
- Added calculator dialog to right-click menu of Gtk2::Entry widgets
- Withdrew claim that we work with SQL Server ( see man page )
- Removed unnecessary documentation of internal functions
- Removed support for Gnome2::DateEdit, which is not suitable for database use due to it's handling of NULL values


- Added support for dynamic combos - ie combos whose options depend on the current row
- Disabled MOFO::CellRendererSpinButton ... not exactly working properly yet
- Add support for CellRendererCombos with a string ID ( previously only supported int IDs ) - Added undo() method - convenience function that basically does $self->query( undef, TRUE ); - Added MOFO::CellRendererDate - copied and pasted from Torsten Schoenfeld's example in the Gtk2 distribution
- Separated demo app from main package


- Major, major rewrite. Many new features. Squashed *ALL* bugs I know of :)
- Fixed bug in resetting aggregate fields when entering a new group
- Fixed bug in colour_func when called on non-data stuff ( eg headers, footers, etc )
- Better comments in source, use constants for TRUE / FALSE
- Replaced $field->{picture} with $field->{image} hash
- Set $self->{default_font_size} to 12 if one isn't supplied
- Renamed internal variables for more consistancy
- Replaced $cell_spacing with dynamic calculation of $field->{text_whitespace} ( user can define own values ) - Replaced user-defined $self->{data}->{max_font_size} with calculated value - any max_font_size value you set will be overriden - Added far more robust calculation of Y-space needed for current block of data - Keep group headings with data ( ie don't print a group header at the bottom of a page ) ... FIGJAM - Move down the page immediately *before* rendering each line, instead of after - Added image scaling ... that actually works ( added dependancy on Image::Size )
- Added image alignment
- Recognise "center" as well as "centre" in alignment definition
- Get rid of warnings about unintialised variables ( 'no warnings' directive ) - Added support for colour background setting for cells - current options are 'box' or 'ellipse'
- Separated demo app from main package

I will be uploading the individual modules to cpan shortly.


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