ANNOUNCE: Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory 0.57




  This is a framework which tries to make building complex GUI's
  easy, by offering these two main features:

  * Consistent looking GUI without the need to code resp. tune
    each widget by hand. Instead you declare the structure of your
    GUI, connect it to the data of your program (which should be
    a well defined set of objects) and control how this structure
    is transformed into a specific layout in a very generic way.

  * Automatically keep widget and object states in sync (in both
    directions), even with complex data structures with a lot of
    internal dependencies, object nesting etc.


0.57 Mon Aug 1, 2005, joern
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Window:
      - on window close FormFactory->close is called automatically
        if the Window is the 1st child of the FormFactory,
        unless a closed_hook is set. Thanks to Kaare Rasmussen
        for the hint.
      - added 'quit_on_close' option, which quits the Gtk2
        main loop as well in that case. 
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::List:
      - scroll to selected row only on first show, to prevent
        unneccessary scrolling.
      - trigger selection dependency updates only when the
        selection really changed (but only for Lists with
        attr_select and attr_select_column set, because
        otherwise a selection change can't be detected
    - Documentation updates & fixes

    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Layout: setting 'scrollbars'
      for non-scrollable widgets didn't work
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Notebook: restore selected page
      only if an object attribute is associated with the
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory: POD typo fixed, thanks for the
      report to Christian Marillat.

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